Central Kitsap Adult Family Home
Assisted Living / Nursing Home Alternative

Our Experienced Nursing Assistants Are
  Qualified To Meet The Needs Of Every Resident That Moves In To Our Home

Central Kitsap Adult Family Home
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"Our Staffing Is One Of Our Most Valuable Resources"

There is no question in our minds, without a doubt, our staffing is one of our most valuable resources.  We depend on them to make sure the residents are safe, comfortable and treated with dignity and respect.  We are fortunate to have employees that still work for us after many, many years of service. This is unusual in the health care profession and we value their compassion and service to the elderly.
Our Staff's Credentials

Every employee that works in our home must meet or exceed the training requirements and certifications required by the state of Washington.  One of the requirements is having a criminal background check run prior to working in the home alone. All of our nursing assistants have the following credentials:
  • Dementia Specialty Certification
  • Mental Health Certification
  • CPR & First Aid Certified
  • Tuberculosis Testing
  • HIV / Hepatitis B Certified
  • Food Handlers Permit
  • Nursing Assistant Registered
  • Nursing Assistant Certified
  • Nurse Delegation Certified
  • 12 hours Continuing Education Annually
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